- Tucson, Arizona -


- Photos -

Jan 5, 2017 - Roskruge Council made history as it hosted the first (and likely only) Official Visit by 4 General Grand Officers to a Constituent Council. (L-R) MPC Larry Weaver, GGM of Cryptic Masons Internationsl, Comp Rob Settlemeyer, DM of Roskruge Council No. 6; MIC William Garrard Jr, GM of Cryptic Masons of Arizona

(L-R) RPC Charles Hollinger, GGTres; RPC Sid Leluan III, DGGM; MPC Larry Weaver, GGM; Comp Rob Settlemeyer, DM; RPC Monty Glover, GGPCoW; MIC William Garrard Jr, GM

Sep 24, 2016 - Builders Lodge No. 60 hosted an evening Mark Master Degree.  17 Brothers from around Arizona participated including 4 from Prometheus Lodge in Gilbert. (Front L-R) MEC Jeffrey Horton, Grand High Pries and EC Rod Wagoner, Grand Lecturer pose with Brothers from Prometheus Lodge.

Arizona Grand York Rite Sessions
August 11 - 13, 2016

MEC Jeffrey Horton, Grand High Priest

Tucson Chapter Companions in Grand Chapter
(L-R) - EC Donald Moyer, Grand Principal Sorjourner; EC Randal Jager, Grand Master of the 1st Veil, EC Roderic Wagoner, Grand Lecturer


RIC Donald Moyer Deputy Grand Master
- escorted by MIC Robert Richards, PIGM


SK Roderic Wagoner receiving the Knight Templar Cross of Honor (KTCH) from SK Joseph Zito, REPGC


May 26, 2016 - It is with pride and pleasure that we announce that RPC Sidney J. Leluan III, GGPCoW has been appointed to the office of Deputy General Grand Master for the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.  He was installed by MPC Lawrence O. Weaver, General Grand Master in a ceremony held in Bucharest, Romania.  RPC Sid replaces RPC Ron Guthrie who, regrettably, stepped aside for health reasons.

2016 Super Excellent Master Degree
Tucson Scottish Rite
April 23, 2016

~ Candidates and Staff ~ 
Roskruge Council No. 6 members in attendance
(R1) (3) IC Don Moyer GPCoW, (5) IC Rod Wagoner GS, (8) Roger Cousineau;
(R2) (1) Walter Williams;
(R3) (3) MIC Stephen Powlesland PIGM, (9) Christopher Valentino


~ Casts ~
So AZ Council members in attendance
(R1) (2) Roger Cousineau, (3) IC Bob Hicks, (6) IC Rod Wagoner GS;
(R2) (1) Dean Millard;
(R3) (1) MIC Bob Richards, PIGM (2) Rob Settlemeyer, (3) Jon Fory,
(5) MIC Steve Powlesland PIGM

Missing: Roy Peters, Jim Wild, Hank Knapp, Jeff Horton 


~ Jeremiah and Keepers ~
(L-R) IC Bob Hicks, IC Rod Wagoner, IC Dean Millard 

3/19/2016 - Ish Sodi Awards - Recipient Roderic Wagoner  
Also from Roskruge Council No. 6 -
RPC Sidney Leluan III GGPCoW and IC Donald Moyer GPCoW

2016 So AZ Winter Festival
Council Degrees - Wilcox
January 30, 2016

Roskruge Council No. 6 members in attendance
(L-R) (3) Christopher Valentino, (4) IC Don Moyer GPCoW, (6) Chris Jordan


Arizona Grand York Rite Sessions
August 20 - 22, 2015

Roskruge Council No. 6 opens Grand Council (and Grand Sessions)
(R-L) DM Rod Wagoner, IM Randy Jager, PCoW Don Milligan

CoG Rob Settlemeyer


Roskruge Council forms lines


Roskruge Council  Certificate of Appreciation
(R-L) RIC Don Moyer, GCoG; 
Comp Jeff Horton; Comp Don Milligan, PCoW; Comp Rod Wagoner, DM; 
MIC Ken Smith, PIGM, Recorder;
MIC Steve Powlesland, GM


RIC Don Moyer, Grand Principal Conductor of the Work
receives his jewel from his wife Jeannie


IC Rod Wagoner, installed as Grand Sentinel


Arizona Commandery No 1 receives Distinguished Service Ribbon
(R-L) SK Sidney Leluan, REGC; SK David Goodwin, MEPGM;
SK Jeffrey Horton, EGSen; SK Don Milligan, CG, SK Ken Smith REPGR;
SK Rod Wagoner, EPC


SK Rod Wagoner installed as Eminent Grand Sentinel


REC Jeffrey Horton installed as Grand King


EC Rod Wagoner installed as Grand Lecturer


 - Congratulations - Sidney J. Leluan III! -
Right Puissant General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work
of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International

 - 2015 Western States Easter Observance -
April 3,4,5, 2015 - Tempe, AZ

SKs Fred Lohman, Tres. and Rod Wagoner, EC 

SK Randy Jager, JW

SK Don Moyer, GEN

 - Valley of the Sun Commandery Festival -
March 28, 2015 - Phoenix Commandery #3 - Phoenix, AZ

New Sir Knights (in suits, L-R) Rob Lewis, Chuck Wooke, Jon Fory
with Arizona Commandery #1  Sir Knights (in uniform, L-R)
  Don Milligan, SW; Sidney J. Leluan III, REGC; Rod Wagoner, EC

Pilgrim Rob Lewis (center)

SK Rod Wagoner admonishing the Pilgrims

Pilgrims Rob Lewis and Chuck Wooke 
(w/ Robert Morrison from Columbine #9, WIllcox)

March 17, 2015 ~ Arizona Commandery #1  assisting
Adobe Lodge XLI with "White Night" Ceremony

March 7, 2015 ~ New Tucson Chapter #3  Royal Arch Masons
Joe Talvy (L) and Jon Fory (R)
(w/ EC Rod Wagoner, GL)

 - Southern Arizona Counci Degrees -
January 31, 2015 - Bonita Council #9 - Willcox, AZ

(...the FIRST York Rite Degrees EVER exemplified in Willcox, AZ)

Willcox/Tucson Royal Master Cast & Candidates
(w/ MIC Steven Powlesland, GM;
EC Donald Moyer, GCofG)

Sierra Vista Select Master Cast & Candidates

2014 Arizona Commandery #1 Christmas Observance
(w/SK Joe Zito VEDGC,  far left)

~ 2014 Knights Templar Ball ~
R-L: MW Mike Manning, GM of AZ,
MIC Steven G Powlesland, GM of CM in AZ
Ill Art DeHoyos, 33° GC, Ill S. Brent Morris, 33° GC,
SK Sidney J Leluan III, REGC of KT in AZ,
MEC Chadwick Burks, GHP of RAM in AZ

Arizona Grand York Rite Sessions
August 14 - 16, 2014

S.K. Sidney J Leluan III
Right Eminent Grand Commander,
Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of Arisona ~  2014 - 2015
(with Lady Debbie Leluan)

M.I. Steven G. Powlesland
Grand Master,
Grand Council of Cirypic Masons of Ariaona ~  2014 - 2015

2014 Grand Chapter Officers

  1st Row -  Jeffrey R Horton, Grand Scribe (2nd from R)
3rd Row - Steven G Powlesland, Grand Chaplain (R),
                             Roderic L Wagoner, Jr, Grand Lecturer (2nd from R)

2014 Grand Council Officers

1st Row (Center) - Steven G Powlesland, Grand Master
4th Row (Center)- Donald M. Moyer, Grand Captain of the Guard 

2014 Grand Commandery Officers 

1st Row (Center) - Sidney J Leluan III, Right Eminent Grand Commander

Membership Growth Award for Tucson Chapter #3